My Journey

Hi!  I am Terri Haswell, founder of hasWellness Family Solutions.  I have been educating and mentoring both adults and children of all ages for more than 20 years.  I have certifications as an Emotions Mentor® Coach, Life Coach, Positive Discipline Parent Educator and Essential Oil Specialist.   My services include one-on-one mentoring, educational group classes, wellness scans and natural products for personal support.  

I am passionate about helping people break through barriers that prevent personal growth.  I empower my clients to recognize their intrinsic worth and learn to love who they were created to be.   My own personal journey gives me empathy for those struggling due to their past or present circumstances and those who are limiting their future.  I encourage my clients to examine the connection between their mental and physical health, uncover the root of negative patterns and gain emotional freedom.  I believe in the importance of improving these areas so that we can positively influence our loved ones, the world around us, and the next generation.

My Journey

I love the above quote by Nora Ephron.  It summarizes my own journey and where I am now in my life.  For years, I struggled with pain from my past and health challenges, including fertility issues.  I felt helpless – mentally, physically and emotionally.

I am on the other side of my fertility issues now, thanks to a great God, supportive family and some amazing friends who helped us with gestational surrogacy.  (I will share that story in a Blog post.)  I am blessed with a wonderful husband and son.  Having a child was a dream come true!

However, I still struggled with the stories in my head and my low self-image.  Why didn’t my body do what it was supposed to do?  What was wrong with me?  I blamed myself, which only compounded my already low self-worth due to my past.  I will just say it – I had a victim mentality.  I was powerless.  I hated my body and it showed by the way I treated it.  I was thankful for my family but still holding on to emotional baggage.  I didn’t want to stay there. I wanted to heal so that I could enjoy my family and not pass on my victim mentality to my son (yes, that is possible to do).  

I started using natural products from doTERRA to help improve my mental, emotional and physical health. I noticed a tremendous difference in all three areas. I also began using their personal care and cleaning products to reduce the toxins in my home and in my body. I started getting healthier in so many ways. I felt empowered. Getting rid of toxins was a key step in changing my story.

Feeling better allowed me to focus on becoming a better parent because I wasn’t dealing with as many health challenges. I became a certified Positive Discipline Parent and Teacher educator. Now, I teach parents and teachers how to use simple but effective tools to help children feel a sense of belonging and significance while implementing mutual respect and increasing their self-worth.

I also started studying the connection between the mind and body and the science of how our bodies work.  I completed my certifications as an Emotions Mentor Coach and a Life Coach, another life-changing step.  Now, I get to fulfill my mission to empower others to break free from their emotional baggage and step into who God created them to be by using their strengths. 

My journey changed me spiritually as well.  I went from knowing God created me for a purpose to BELIEVING it and acting on that belief.   I grew up believing in God and I consider myself a Christian, but I still had a hard time embracing that I was worthy enough of such unconditional love.  Coaching helped me to stop believing the lies I told myself, change negative family patterns and become more aware of my emotions and how to handle them better in my personal relationships. 

I went from having a low self-worth and treating myself poorly to recognizing that if I do not love myself, then I can’t completely love others…even God.  Loving myself also shows others how to love me in a better way too.  Now, I have lost over 20 pounds and am healthier than I was 20 years ago!  (I actually weigh less than my drivers license states!!) These external changes that people can see in me now are only a representation of the internal changes I have made.  I am happy to be the imperfectly perfect person God created me to be.  I am free to love myself and accept love and show love to others in a healthier way.  It has transformed my marriage and my relationships too.  This is life-change!

If I can do this, you can too!  I would love to walk alongside you on your journey.  Life is too short to live less than your potential.  Be the hero or heroine in your own story.  The changes you make in your own life will have such positive effects on your loved ones as well.  Now is the time to take one step….

I believe in YOU!

With much love, 


Please feel free to contact Terri Haswell at hasWellness Family Solutions at any time.

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